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AquaFantasy - фонтаны и водопады, каскады и пруды из искусственного камня в ландафтном дизайне и интерьере.

Artificial rocks

Artificial rocks S,V  

Our technology which uses light weight products like foams or plastics helps us create the rockwork which is the exact replication of natural rocks and boulders.

   The artificial rock structures are strong, durable and easy to move. Look at them and you will see how attractive they are!

   Artificial rocks can be placed anywhere inside or around your house, near a bench, a swimming pool, a pond , a waterfall or a fountain, under the trees or just on the lawn. After some time the rock will become moss-grown surrounded with plants and flowers.


Examples of landscape designs with the use of our rockwork


Japanese garden style



   Here you can see the decoration of the garden in the Japanese style.

   The rocks are gathered in the form of a turtle - the ancient symbol of wealth in the East.

rockwork T beside a bench




   The rocks (the biggest one is artificial rock T) are placed in the safe haven of the garden near a bench. Very Relaxing!






The selection of the rocks (from 15 to  155 cm)


Искусственные камни часть 1 


№ 2

Искусственные камни часть 2


№ 3

Искусственные камни часть 3


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