Water features, artificial rocks, decorations 
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AquaFantasy - фонтаны и водопады, каскады и пруды из искусственного камня в ландафтном дизайне и интерьере.

Theme equipment

We provide all the necessary equipment for waterfalls, fountains, cascades and other aquatic compositions:


decorative pond1. Decorative ponds

The decorative pond made of artificial rock like all our products (i.e. of the same properties: lightweight, durable and strong) is a compulsory part for any waterfall/ cascade/ fountain. It also looks perfect surrounded by flowers and plants as an independent element of any landscape or interior. Imitating environmental rock structures, it resembles a fine natural pond. It can be decorated with a smoker, a lighting system or a couple of rocks.

Size: 160х95х20 cm

We can also make to order any special forms, colors or size.





2. Smokers (fog system, diffusors)


Smoker is a special device for diffusing, or dividing the water into fine parts, as a result of that giving a cold vapor (like a fog or a smoke). 

Smokers can contain several membranes - 1 membrane, 3 membranes or 5 membranes. The more membranes, the more smoke, the more light.

For some time the "smoke" is hanging above the water and then it evaporates, moistening the air around. Your plants will find it perfect, by the way!




decorative lighting3. Lighting system

classical lighting

You can also decorate your pond with lighting - classical or decorative. The lighting system can be applied both above the waterfall or under the water.

It will give a special charm to the composition!

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