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AquaFantasy - фонтаны и водопады, каскады и пруды из искусственного камня в ландафтном дизайне и интерьере.

Water features - artificial rock

We provide a range of standard aquatic works of art imitating natural rock. They can be supplied with the thematic accessories offered by us (additional artificial rockwork, smokers, lighting effects) and your own elements of decor (plants, sculptures, fishes and other water inhabitans). You can also use our rockwork to supplement the waterfall or cascade composition. Look at our selection of artificial rocks here.


Водопад Анхель в интерьере

Anhel - artificial waterfall


Size: 200х145х92/32 cm  

Pond: 45x145x92 cm

You can install "Anhel" as the unique waterfall with the beautiful decorative pond. But you can also use the additional opportunity to install it into the original aquarium as the background waterfall panel.  The aquarium you always longed for and the magnificent waterful united! It looks really cool that way!

Don't forget about the magic smoker/fog system and the lighting placed above/under the waterfall. Looks like some figure from a fairy tale!

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Водопад Гоа

Goa - interior water panel 


Size: 200х60 cm

Pond:  24х60х20 cm (plastic) / 23х86х61 cm (rock)

This rectangular waterfall was created for niche installation, i.e. to hide the integrated slides of your house.

It is the "easiest" waterfall to install and to plant and decorate. For the admirers of simple, but extremely effective and practical forms. 

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Водопод Ручеёк

Brook - atificial waterfall


Size: 120х55х28 cm

Pond: 23х120х61 cm

This waterfall can also be used for the aquarium/terrarium installation as well as for interior design.

This compact waterfall will definitely revive your house and will be suitable in any corner.

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Stone - artificial waterfall

Водопад Стоун в интерьере

Size: 220х160х30 cm

Pond: 45x145x92 cm

A beautiful great waterfall made of 5 huge rocks. The replica of the natural rock.

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Каскад с прудом для интерьера

Cascade is an original water feature which is composed of several different ledges, which make water stream in different directions.

Size: 120х100х110 cm

Ponds: 30х120х84 cm (interior) / 125х160х125 cm (exterior)

Cascades are the integral part of any winter garden, as they are not so high, but occupy a lot of surface, providing a look of the natural rock composition.

Attention: our cascades are provided with special reservoirs for plants on each side, so they just grow there, near the water and there's no need to arrange them in pots.Tropical plants will especially appriciate it!

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Стеклянный водопад в спа-салоне

"Hi-Tec" water curtain

Size: any

The composition is the stylish alternative to normal classic waterfalls imitating natural rock. It will produce a special effect when installed in offices, receptions, exhibitions and other public places and organizations.

It is also possible to paint something (a logo or an ad, e.g.) on the surface of the glass.

The composition will also blend in with the design of your house, all depends on your personal taste and preferances.

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Нитевой водопад

"Drop Curtain" Waterfall

Size: any

This magnificent waterfall has come from Japanese interior designers. A curtain of big drops creates an unforgettable impression.

The waterfall will be an effective accent to any interior. With bright light and company logo it is a perfect decoration in an office or exhibition.

It is also a beautiful home decoration, giving a prompt to relaxation and complete comfort.

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